The Silver Gypsy- Living and Traveling In The Dominican Republic!

Hola, I’m Betsy.
As of May 2017, I hopped on a plane with a one way ticket to my new home, The Dominican Republic. 

My family thinks I am absolutely crazy; I say I’m adventurous. No, I don’t speak Spanish, which is their main language. Duolingo is my new besty. And, yes, it is a third world country. This was my mother’s main concern, but I love it. 

It has been a huge change, and I hope you will join me on this wild ride as I explore the island, find the hidden treasures, and experience life as a local. 

Update: 6.26.2018

To be honest, I am not sure I will move back to the United States if I don’t have. Finding a job was hard when you don’t know the language, but I made it. I’m getting more and more use to living here and the culture changes. Living here is more relaxed than life in the USA, and I am happy to call the Dominican Republic my home. 

If you and your friends or family are wanting to explore the Dominican Republic, send me an email so that we can get your trip booked.

-Silver Gypsy

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Traveling In The Dominican Republic
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This place makes me fall in love with it time after time!

The Silver Gypsy